About Me

Physical Edge PT started from my own passion to transform my body. I always enjoyed training it kept my head clear and focused on what I had to achieve.

I think as most personal trainers get started, they had their own body transformation goal in mind, stuck to a diet and got into a great shape. They probably helped out a friend or two and went this is for me. There is a reason why most PT’s however last an average of two years and leave the business. I started off proper training about 17 years ago in university and went strength to strength. I am a person that literally will not quit, until I am the best at what I do.  I’m never done learning.

“Chris gives his all, he is 10/10 and will help you on your journey no matter what stage you are at”

John Black


Many, many courses (eg. Hypertrophic + Nutrition Courses) later I started seriously training people to get their dream body shape in a minimal amount of time and showed them how to make it sustainable and live. Countless body transformations later Physical Edge PT was born. Going from strength to strength with male and female trainers. It has now evolved into an online coaching platform to deliver its shocking transformations worldwide! Delivering the personal touch vs some corporations where you’re not an individual, you’re just a number!

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